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h1]Updates for WATTrouter Mx

USB interface driver


Note: Please in case of communication problems always upgrade this driver to the newest version!

Regulator firmware and software WATTconfig Mx

Before updating please always read the newest user manual.

Please always update BOTH software and firmware for your device!

The WATTconfig software runs on Windows 7 and later, Ubuntu 16.04 and later, MAC OS X 10.11 El Capitan and later. However, it can work on other OS versions or other Linux distributions (support is provided only for Ubuntu).

Only 32-bit versions are released. You may need to install appropriate 32-bit versions of system libraries to run on 64-bit versions of Linux.

Newest version:
Fixed: Failed configuration write process blocked main control function.
Fixed: Configuration writing errors in web interface, mainly from mobile browsers.
Fixed: Missing saving of detected digital temp. sensors to configuration memory.
Fixed: Fixed wrong initial search for digital temp. sensors.
Firmware Mx 1.1: wattrouter_mx_1_1.zip
WATTconfig Mx for Windows 1.1: wattconfig_mx_setup_1_1_33.zip
WATTconfig Mx for Linux/i386 1.1: wattconfig-mx-1.1.33.deb
WATTconfig Mx for MAC/i386 1.1: wattconfigmx_1_1_34.dmg.zip

1st version:
Firmware Mx 1.0: wattrouter_mx_1_0.zip
WATTconfig Mx for Windows 1.0: wattconfig_mx_setup_1_0_32.zip