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WATTrouter product line

How to choose the best model for me:
  1. Check the value of main fusing element (fuse or circuit breaker) in your house. Select possible models according to the first row of the table below. The model WATTrouter M MAX is suitable ONLY for main fusing element higher than (or equal to) 3x40A!
  2. Check the peak power (kWp) of your PV or wind plant and number of phase wires where this plant is connected to (typically you have single phase or three phase inverter). Select possible models according to the fourth row of the table below.
  3. According to required level of user comfort choose from M series or ECO series. The M series can be connected to Internet, offer advanced control techniques with programmable time schedules, have more quiet fan and other advantages.

Parameter WATTrouter ECO WATTrouter M SSR WATTrouter M MAX
Current load limit (maximum value of main fusing element) 3x40 A 3x40 A 3x125 A
Current measurement range 3x20 A 3x20 A 3x100 A
Number of outputs in 1 regulator1) 6
2x relay
4x external SSR
2x triac
2x relay
2x external SSR
2x triac
2x relay
2x external SSR
Recommended peak power of photovoltaic or wind plant 1-20 kWp
1-3 phase
1-20 kWp
1-3 phase
10-70 kWp
Full three-phase solution, 2 control modes - each phase independently ("phase zero") and sum of all phases ("virtual zero")
Proportional load control (triacs or SSR) and on/off-control (relay) 6)
CombiWATT-mode for days with insufficent PV-energy output (winter, bad weather)
9 LED-indicators
DIN rail mountable
USB interface
Ethernet interface
Integrated web interface with open protocol based on the AJAX/XML technology
Real time module
Integrated time schedules for advanced time control
Real-time-controlled CombiWATT mode - advanced CombiWATT
Cooling passive, noiseless6) active, temp. controlled active, temp. controlled
Support for houses with main fusing elements higher than 3x125A 2) 2) 2)
Relay prepend mode individually possible for each relay output
PWM mode to control suitable heat pumps and air conditioners4) 5)
Statistics, charts (consumption, surplus energy, etc.) 5)
Complete wireless solution 7)
Firmware update
Configuration and monitoring from Windows
Configuration and monitoring from Linux 3) 3) 3)
Configuration and monitoring from Android
Available languages (user manual & SW interface) Czech, English, German, Polish, Russian Czech, English, German, Polish, Russian Czech, English, German, Polish, Russian
Retail price (excl. VAT) 170,- €
(4290,- CZK)
310,- €
(7890,- CZK)
320,- €
(8090,- CZK)


  1. It is possible to connect one standalone regulator to each phase wire to get up to 18 outputs.
  2. The current sensing module can be connected to external current transformers to increase current load and measurement range. For these purposes we recommend to choose WATTrouter M SSR or WATTrouter ECO.
  3. The WATTconfig application for Linux is provided without any user support.
  4. PWM mode can be used even for suitable battery chargers.
  5. The function must be purchased as extra software feature.
  6. Proportional control of immersion heaters and other heating elements ALWAYS needs an external solid state relay (SSR)!
  7. Requires the SC-Gateway and SC-Router wireless cards.