Electronic systems for renewable energy sources, home automation


Important note: We provide service and technical support only for customers from Czech Republic and Slovakia and for our exclusive partners abroad. In case you have question or problem with your device, please contact your reseller. Our exclusive partners can be found on this page. In case you've bought the device directly from us as there is no reseller in your country we provide technical support for you (our support is limited to 2 cases then). Unless previously agreed, packages sent to our czech address from abroad will not be accepted!

What should I do if I have a problem with the device?

Before contacting us or our reseller please ensure that:

  • you have read the user manual for respective product thoroughly and avoided misconfiguration or wrong connection,
  • software and firmware of your device are up to date, please check our download sections regularly.
  • you saved a configuration from your device (if there is one) to your PC at the moment when a problem occured.

When contacting us or our reseller via e-mail please provide:

  • detailed description of the problem,
  • configuration file saved on PC (if there is one),
  • for devices which are connected to Internet, please provide Internet access to the device (IPv4 address + UDP port) as this allows the reseller's technician to make detailed remote diagnostics.