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We're reducing prices!

Dear customers, we have optimized our production processes and input costs, which is why we were able to reduce the final prices compared to the 2023 price list by up to 20%! If you are our partner (installation company, wholesaler), you will find the new prices after logging into your account. On the My account page, click on the link Your current price list. If you are not our partner, the final prices listed in the Direct purchase section apply to you.

End of rationing system

Dear customers, due to the availability of parts for production, we are stopping the rationing system for all products supplied by us from September 1, 2023. All products are now in sufficient quantities in stock.

Rationing system

Dear customers, due to the high demand, we are introducing a rationing system for our most ordered products from 9 January 2023. For more information about this method of purchase, see here. New registrations are temporarily suspended until January 16, 2023 to allow priority purchase for our long-term business partners.

Design change

Dear customers, due to better availability, from 22/08/2022 we deliver all our controllers in slightly different installation boxes, which are functionally completely identical to the original ones, only they are slightly different in design - they do not have the bottom sharp edge. The size of the controller, i.e. the number of modules and other parameters, does not change. The absence of the bottom sharp edge also objectively facilitates the installation of the controller in the switchboard.

End of cooperation with Russia

Today we ended our cooperation with Russia. No orders from this country are possible and no technical support will be provided. Also, Russian language will be removed from all our future software updates.


On this page you can see a few installations of our products. There are really only few installations here. There are already many thousands of installations of our products running in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and other countries.

Heating Control + WATTrouter Mx, models HC 01/06/14 a WRMx 01/08/17, family house in Plzen, CZ, 3kWp

This is our reference installation. It provides complex control of house heating, hot water preparation, pool heating and others. This house uses multi-source heating system controlled by our controllers. This system uses accumulation tank with Fujitsu outdoor heat pump unit where indoor unit is replaced by heat exchanger (condenser) in the accumulation tank. This very effective method can be used to accumulate heat from PV plant for later use with maximum effectivity and, of course, produce heat if PV power is small or none. There is detailed description of this reference, however only in Czech - see fve_tc_propojeni_wrmx_hc.pdf.

Compared to the original documentation, there have been gradual changes to this installation:

  • In 2018, the older type WATTrouter M SSR was replaced by the newer type WATTrouter Mx.
  • In 2021, 2 of our experimental SINEDRIVER® converters were put into operation on this installation for the regulation of heating cartridges in the storage tank, which replaced the original SSR RGS1A60D25KKEDIN here.
  • In 2022, a new Mitsubishi Power Inverter PUHZ-SW100YAA three-phase outdoor unit was installed, controlled by the 0-10V signal via a PAC-IF012B-E control board. This replaced the older, still functional, but less efficient and noisier Fujitsu unit.
  • In 2022, a second single-phase PV plant with a capacity of 2.2kWp was also installed, connected to phase L2.

Click here for online demonstration of the Heating Control.

Click here for online demonstration of the WATTrouter Mx.

If the web interface does not appear or the data from the controller, wait or possibly reload the page later. This demo uses a special version of the web interface stored on our server instead of the controller. Writing any data to the controller is not possible.

Photovoltaic panels Conergy 12 x 250 Wp
Outdoor unit Fujitsu WOYA100LDT
Accumulation tank PAST from Techtrans company
WATTrouter M SSR
Heating Control and outdoor unit control module
Accumulation tank PAST and heat consumers (heating and pool heating)

WATTrouter CWx, model WR 02/04/10, South Moravian Region, 3.5 kWp-plant

PV-plant on the roof of the house, 3 heating elements connected to WATTrouter.

House photo
WATTrouter CWx model WR 02/04/10 - installation photo

WATTrouter CWx, model WR 01/04/10, Pilsen City Area, 3.2 kWp-plant

PV-plant on the roof of the garage, family house situated 15 m away. WATTrouter controller instalalled on 22. 10. 2010 inside of the garage, there was used a spare cable between the garage and the family house. 2 persons living in the family house. 2 loads connected to WATTrouter: a boiler 2.1kW, 180 l and a floor heating 800W (in parallel to the heating control system). Single phase inverter SB 3000TL. For boiler there was configured CombiWATT mode with the 7kWh limit. This WATTrouter model is not sold anymore.

PV-plant 3,2 kWp on garage roof
WATTrouter CWx regulator  (old model WR 01/04/10)
WATTrouter current sensing module  (model WT 02/10)
The whole installation
Main AC-line goes through current sensing module

WATTrouter CWx, model WR 02/04/10, North Moravian Region, 5.0 kWp-plant

PV-plant on the roof of the house, single phase inverter Kaco. 2 loads connected to both triacs of WATTrouter: a boiler 1.6kW, 200 l and another hot water tank where heating element had 1.6 kW as well. Further 2 wall outlets connected to both relay outputs. CombiWATT mode not set. Older notebook placed next to the installation. There is running WATTconfig Software and an application for Kaco inverters.

WATTrouter CWx model WR 02/04/10 - another installation
Regulator installation next to the Kaco inverter
An older notebook nearby the regulator installation
The same installation with switchboard cover

WATTrouter CWx SSR, model WR 03/06/10, Central Bohemian Region, 9.0 kWp

PV-plant on the roof of the house, three phase inverter. 5 heating elements connected to WATTrouter.

WATTrouter CWx model WR 02/04/10 - another installation

WATTrouter CWx, model WR 02/04/10, Pilsen City Area, 2.0 kWp

PV-plant on the roof of the house, single phase inverter SMA. WATTrouter installed on 20. 7. 2010 inside of the house. 2 persons living in the family house. This installation is not clean, the customer would complete it later. 2 loads connected to WATTrouter: a boiler 1.3kW, 100 l and garage dryer 600W, further in winter an electric heating has been connected. CombiWATT mode selected both for the boiler and for the heating.

WATTrouter CWx model WR 02/04/10 - just another installation