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WATTrouter ECO is versatile programmable controller to optimize self-consumption of energy produced by photovoltaic or wind power plant. There is possible to connect 4 external solid state relays (SSR). Current measurement range is 3x20A. When properly installed and configured, this controller maximizes the usage of produced surplus energy in your house by "routing" it to your loads. According to the price differences between feed-in tariff and normal electricity tariff in respective country and the amount of energy the customer can self-consume the device can pay itself within less than 4 months!

User manual, technical specification and declaration of conformity - English version

User manual, technical specification and declaration of conformity - Polish version (latest version might not be available)

WATTrouter ECO fully replaces the older models WATTrouter CWx. Developmentally based on WATTrouter M, WATTrouter ECO integrates standard design of some of its properties while maintaining a very low purchase price.

WATTrouter ECO is completely silent, because the power triacs known from WATTrouter CWx were replaced by SSR outputs that connect to passively cooled power SSRs. There are therefore four SSR outputs. This eliminates problems with fan noise, dust and the necessity to repair damaged controller in the event of power triac short circuiting. Power SSRs can also be dimensioned according to the connected load and cooling options.

The commissioning of the continuous regulation of the appliance (eg. an immersion heater) according to the available photovoltaic surplus energy always needs at least one power semiconductor relay - SSR.

For WATTrouter ECO there are also available optional software add-ons. These include some features that can be found as standard equipment of WATTrouter M. These optional features can be purchased separately and activated in the controller.

WATTrouter ECO can also be equipped with the SC-Gateway and SC-Router wireless interfaces which we developed in cooperation with the czech company ENcontrol. These modules allow fully-fledged wireless data transfer between two regulators, all output control modes are supported now. You can also use a wireless socket modules from ENcontrol. This interface will be useful wherever it would be difficult to fit the cable connection between the regulator and the appliance.

SC-Gateway manual

SC-Router manual

Wireless socket manual

WATTrouter ECO is an ideal choice for users who want effectively use their photovoltaic surplus energy without massive investments, th ey don't need increased connection comfort (monitoring via Internet, etc.), but they need a reliable and functional product.

WATTrouter ECO consists of 2 modules - current sensing module and regulator. It can be configured and monitored from any IBM compatible computer or notebook over the USB interface.

Warranty for this product is 24 months.


We deliver accessories for WATTrouter ECO. These accessories are solid state relays and others.