Electronic systems for renewable energy sources, home automation

Wireless components

These accessories can be used to extend the number of outputs of our controllers and wireless switching of suitable appliances. Only WATTrouter ECO and WATTrouter Mx support wireless interface so far.

The wireless interface was developed in cooperation with the Czech company ENcontrol.


The SC-Gateway module is a wireless signal transmitter and adds wireless interface to our products. This wireless interface allows you to switch any ENcontrol wireless device in relay mode (ON / OFF).

User manual, technical specification


SC-Router module is a wireless signal receiver and can be used to add full-featured wireless interface to some our products (eg. WATTrouter ECO). With this module inserted into a supported type of controller this controller acts as a wireless receiver and switches its outputs according to the master system (which may be eg. another WATTrouter ECO equipped with the SC-Gateway module). All output control modes are then supported.

User manual, technical specification

Wireless switching socket 16A/250VAC

This socket is a wireless signal receiver and a power switching element for connected appliance. It works only in relay mode (ON/OFF).

User manual, technical specification