Electronic systems for renewable energy sources, home automation

WATTROUTER® CWx (basic model)

This product has been discontinued. It is no more available for purchase.

WATTrouter CWx is programmable controller to optimize self-consumption of energy produced by photovoltaic or wind power plant. Current measurement range is 3x20A, load capacity 3x40A. When properly installed and configured, this controller maximizes the usage of produced surplus energy in your house by "routing" it to your loads. According to the price differences between feed-in tariff and normal electricity tariff in respective country and the amount of energy the customer can self-consume the device can pay itself within less than 4 months!

WATTrouter CWx consists of 2 modules - current sensing module and regulator. It can be configured and monitored from any IBM compatible computer or noteebook over the USB interface.

The documentation is only in Czech language, because these products were not sold outside the Czech Republic. See Czech version of this site if you are interested.