Electronic systems for renewable energy sources, home automation

Terms of wholesale cooperation

Wholesale prices are provided only to entities involved in the fitting or installation of photovoltaic and wind power plants and also to respective wholesalers. To award wholesale prices, it is necessary to make a first order of at least 3 arbitrary sets of WATTrouter or Heating Control devices, respectively. Alternatively, it is also possible to buy 2 sets at full price and the price of the 3rd set will be determined according to the wholesale price list. All your further orders are then governed by the wholesale price list.

If you are interested in wholesale cooperation with us, please contact us (see section Contacts), and we will send you a wholesale price list and other information.

Attention:Always ask for your wholesale price assignment (by e-mail) when you meet the above conditions! If you confirm the order with the specified prices, the order will be sent and invoiced with these prices as well!

Becoming an exclusive distributor

If you are a business entity with the above focus and intend to install our devices in a country where we do not have an exclusive distributor yet, you can become an exclusive distributor in that country. As exclusive distributor, you and only you have the right to ship our products to this country. This right will be granted to you after signing the exclusive partnership agreement with us, that is, after signing this agreement, we will not be entitled to deliver our products to anyone else in that country. In addition, an even more favorable pricelist will start for you. However, you will have to pay for your obligations as well. For example, you will have to provide complete service and technical support for our products in that country, and you will need to provide translations of manuals to the target language.