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Updates for Heating Control

USB interface driver


Note: Please in case of communication problems always upgrade this driver to the newest version!

Software HC downloader

Before updating please always read the newest user manual.

Newest version:
HC downloader 1.0.1: hc_downloader_setup_1_0.zip


Before updating please always read the newest user manual.

Newest version:
Max. pool temperature increased to 60 degrees Celsius (usable for whirlpools).
Fixed configuration writing errors in web interface, mainly from mobile browsers.
Fixed wrong behavior of temperature hysterese for the parameter Min. outside temperature to run heat pump (Heat pumps tab).
Fixed wrong display of dates in web interface statistics.
Fixed timing for DQ bus, some digital temperature sensors did not work.
Fixed wrong negative temperature values for DS18B20 type sensors.
Firmware 1.4: heatingcontrol_crc_1_4.zip

4. version:
Added control of mixing valves on page Heating Circuits.
Added item 'External control at I1 (PWM capture)' on page Inverters.
Added item 'Diff. thermal control request off-delay' on page Pools.
12.5.2016: Added support for DS18B20 digital temperature sensors.
Firmware 1.3: heatingcontrol_crc_1_3.zip

3. version:
Added item 'Cool down off-delay' on page Others.
Added item 'Max. temp. for tank cool down' on page Pools.
Fixed bug when switching cooldown targets in tank cooldown auto mode.
21.12.2015: Fixed bug with T11 display in online chart.
User manual for this version
Firmware 1.2: heatingcontrol_crc_1_2.zip

2. version:
Modified control for solid fuel boilers.
User manual for this version
Firmware 1.1: heatingcontrol_crc_1_1.zip

1. version:
User manual for this version - CZ only
Firmware 1.0: heatingcontrol_crc_1_0.zip