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Basic functional description

The purpose of Heating Control

This device can effectively control multi-source heating. Multi-source heating always needs a storage tank where multiple heating sources and multiple heat consumers are attached to. The device can control:

  • suitable inverter heat pumps which allow external power control and direct condenser in storage tank (such as Fujitsu or Mitsubishi outdoor units)
  • communication with WATTrouter M/Mx controllers to effectively combine heating according to temperature conditions and from photovoltaic excess energy
  • bivalent heat sources attached to storage tank
  • solid fuel boilers as supplementary heat sources attached to storage tank
  • heating circuits - heat consumers from storage tank
  • pool heating - heat consumer from storage tank
  • pool filtering
  • storage tank cool down with selectable priorites
  • rooftop solar systems, they can be equpped with modern PWM controlled pumps

This device fully supports outdoor heat pump units with external power control (input 0-10VDC).

To use this device you always need a storage tank. A storage tank is the only choice if you want your multi-source heating to work effectively.