Electronic systems for renewable energy sources, home automation

Heating Control product line

Parameter Heating Control
Digital temperature sensors 8 pcs
DS18S20 or DS18B20
Analog temperature sensors 3 pcs
NTC 10k
Digital inputs 3 inputs
Outputs 6 outputs:
2x triac (solid state relay)
2x relay
2x external (fast PWM)
Control blocks of type Heat pump 11)
Control blocks of type Solid fuel boiler 11)
Control blocks of type Heating circuit 2
Control blocks of type Pool 11)
Control blocks of type Storage tank 1
Control blocks of type State duplication 2
Control blocks of type Differential controller 21)
LED indicators
USB interface
Ethernet interface
Integrated web interface with open protocol based on the AJAX/XML technology
Configuration and monitoring from web browser
Configuration and monitoring from Android
Configuration and monitoring from iOS
Real time module
Integrated time schedules for advanced timing control
Proportional control of suitable (externally controllable) inverter heat pumps
Interaction with WATTrouter M/Mx
Smart combination of temperature controlled heating and heating with photovoltaic exceed energy
Control of mixing valves according to equitherm curve for both heating circuits
Passive cooling - noiseless
Statistics, charts 1)
Firmware upgrade
Remote diagnostics
Retail price (excl. VAT, default feature set) 220,- € (5490,- CZK)


  1. These functions are not part of default feature set and must be purchased separately as software addons.