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We're reducing prices!

Dear customers, we have optimized our production processes and input costs, which is why we were able to reduce the final prices compared to the 2023 price list by up to 20%! If you are our partner (installation company, wholesaler), you will find the new prices after logging into your account. On the My account page, click on the link Your current price list. If you are not our partner, the final prices listed in the Direct purchase section apply to you.

End of rationing system

Dear customers, due to the availability of parts for production, we are stopping the rationing system for all products supplied by us from September 1, 2023. All products are now in sufficient quantities in stock.

Rationing system

Dear customers, due to the high demand, we are introducing a rationing system for our most ordered products from 9 January 2023. For more information about this method of purchase, see here. New registrations are temporarily suspended until January 16, 2023 to allow priority purchase for our long-term business partners.

Design change

Dear customers, due to better availability, from 22/08/2022 we deliver all our controllers in slightly different installation boxes, which are functionally completely identical to the original ones, only they are slightly different in design - they do not have the bottom sharp edge. The size of the controller, i.e. the number of modules and other parameters, does not change. The absence of the bottom sharp edge also objectively facilitates the installation of the controller in the switchboard.

End of cooperation with Russia

Today we ended our cooperation with Russia. No orders from this country are possible and no technical support will be provided. Also, Russian language will be removed from all our future software updates.

Heating Control

This product has been discontinued. It is no more available for purchase.

The controller Heating Control is designed to control multi-source heating. It needs a storage tank to manage heating sources and heating consumers effectively.

This controller has 8 inputs for digital temperature sensors of type DS18S20, 3 analog inputs for NTC sensors, 3 binary inputs and 6 outputs.

The regulator also has several configurable regulatory blocks that allow direct control of suitable type of heat pumps, 2 heating circuits, pool heating and pool filtration, management of solid fuel boilers and other regulatory functions. Some of these control blocks are not part of the standard design and, if necessary, can be made later available as an optional software extension.

The controller includes an integration with WATTrouter M/Mx over Ethernet. This connection allows you to conveniently combine the use of a heat pump according to temperature conditions and according to the available surplus energy from photovoltaic source where available heat is stored in the storage tank. Alternatively, you can overheat the house or pool when more surplus energy is available than storage tank can accumulate.

Heating Control is completely silent, as it contains only passively cooled power switching elements. Power semiconductor switching elements (triacs), known from WATTrouter M, are also present, but the allowable power consumption of the connected appliance is limited, in accordance with the user manual.

Operation of the controller can be comfortably adjusted and monitored using the built-in web interface over Ethernet.

User manual, technical specification and declaration of conformity - English version

User manual, technical specification and declaration of conformity - Polish version

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